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Court Denies Protection to Married Woman

Court Denies Protection to Married Woman

Allahabad high court has refused to provide protection to a married woman and her live in partner from her husband. The court said “We fail to understand how such a petition (can) be allowed, permitting illegality in society”.

The court has imposed  a fine 0f Rs.5000 on applicant. The woman and her partner had filed a plea in the court for protection from her husband and his family and allow her and her live in partner to lead a peaceful life.   The woman is still married and it is illegal to live with her live in partner.

In a similar case in the Punjab & Haryana High Court last week questioned a man as to why he didn’t legitimately end his matrimonial alliance from his wife. The man and his live in partner who is a widow have filed a joint petition for protection from threats by the woman’s parents and her relatives. In this case the man and his live in partner are joint petitioners.

Both the man and his widow partner have two children each from their respective wedlocks. According to their lawyer they are only doing this for the upbringing and betterment of the four children invloved.

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