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Legal Rights of Married Woman

Inportant Rights Every Married Indian Women Should Know

Rights of women

A married woman has to be aware that their are many provisions in law which are in their favour. In case of matrimonial disputes most women feel helpless and they don’t know how to fight for themselves. But Indian law has provided woman many rights which can boost their confidence and make them stand up for themselves.

  1. Right to report about any kind or harrasment by husband or his family
    In case a woman is facing any kind of domestic violence, mental or physical torture, demand for dowry by her husband or her inlaws the woman has the right to complain and take a legal action against her husband and inlaws. Woman can report for any such incident in women cell or go to court directly.
  2. Right to divorce
    A woman has the right to take divorce from her husband in case of marital discord between the two. If the woman’s husband is guilty of infidelity, any kind of physical or mental torture she has the right to file for divorce on her own and does not needs anyones permission.
  3. Right to stay in matrimonial home
    A woman can stay in her matrimonial home in case she has filed for divorce and can stay as long as she wants until and unless she finds a suitable place to live on her own. In case of death of husband also woman can stay in her matrimonial house.
  4. Right to claim stree dhan
    Streedhan refers to the gifts, money, jewellery and precious items that a woman recieves at the time of her marriage or the birth of her child. In case of matrimonial dispute the woman can claim this streedhan as it is her fundamental right and legally belongs to her only. The husband and his family have to return the streedhan as per law.
  5. Right to have child custody
    A woman has the right to claim the custody of child in case of marriage disputes. If she leaves her husband’s house at the time when her child is below five years old, she is considered to be the best custudion of child.
  6. Right to have share in parental property
    In India previously woman had no right to have share in parental property. But after 2005 the court grants permission to woman to have share in parental property once the father dies. She also can have share in her mother’s property.
  7. Right for maintenance
    In cases of divorce until the divorce is granted by court, the husband has to provide maintenance to wife. After legal separation also he has to provide enough lumpsome money so that the woman can live with respect and raise her children, and bear her expenditures.

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