Marriage Relationship and Law

Importance of Marriage

Why Marriage is important?

Marriage is a social and most important bond between a man and woman. Marriage is union of two souls.  Marriage binds two people together to create a family. Marriage means sharing and caring for each other. Marriage gives one companionship which is long lasting and very important for human beings.

Here are some more reasons which explain the importance of marriage.

  • Marriage is a necassity as humans are designed to be attracted to opposite sex and produce kids and extend family tree. It is very difficult for a man or woman to lead a lonely life.
  • Marriage creates a sense of responsibiltiy in both man and woman. Before marriage both man and women are carefree and free of any responsibility. But once a person gets married they naturally become more and more responsible person.
  • Marriage makes one more compassionate and loving. As time passes by in marriage in most cases the couple start behaving like best of friends. They can discuss their problems and issues with someone which could not have been possible before marriage. It has been observed that both men and women feel complete after marriage and the zest for life becomes stronger.
  • With marriage one settles down and becomes a more mature person. In bachelor days many men and women can get distracted from their life purpose and goals.  Marriage makes one happier as it meets the sexual needs and desire of both men and women. This sexual satisfaction makes one more productive and responsible towards life.
  • Marriage gives financial and emotional security. It is observed that once a person gets married they start savin money and stop spending on unimportant things which increases savings. Emotionally too you can rely on your partner when the chips are down and you need a shoulder for emotional support.
  • Marriage is most important for kids. A successful and happy marriage gives children social, financial and emotiona security. Kids born out of marriage are always more confident and happy. They get all the encouragement and love which is most important for a child to become a successful person.

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