Digital Worx was formed in the year 2004 with just a simple thought of doing things related to computers like graphic designing, digital recording, website designing etc. We started basically as a graphic design company. We created brochures, catalogs, business cards, presentations and websites for a number of clients.

Our interest in both print and web media made us stand out as a one stop shop and we have done extensive designing and printing work for a number of our clients. It is only now we have cut down on printing work and decided to focus completely on the website media.

The reason why we have devoted ourselves to website industry is due to the immense potential of web medium. Web is the medium of the present and future and we understand that in the future more than 90 percent of the businesses will have to take up this medium if they want to survive in the competition. We understand the world wide web is ever changing with new technologies coming up very frequently and its important to keep ourselves updated with the latest trends in website media.

We are committed to serve our clients and increase their web presence in a manner which will directly affect business in positive manner

We have always given more than what is expected of us and that has earned us the goodwill of our clients for many years. We provide round the clock support for any website related issues and we are happy to take call from new, old and existing clients. Customer satisfaction is our biggest reward.